The Augsburger Panthers is a team in the DEL (Deutschen Eishockey Liga) otherwise known as the German Ice Hockey League. The team was founded in 1878, although the team was initially known as Augsburger EV before it was officially changed to its current name in 1994. It was during that time that the team was officially a part of the DEL.

The team, being Augsburg EV is known as one of the oldest ice hockey teams in Germany. Unfortunately, the first season of the team playing in the DEL was not as successful as the rest of the other teams. In fact, their play was not immediately improving even during the following season. However, after a couple of successful signings, the team was soon riding on top by the 2009-2010 season.

Country Germany Germany
City Augsburg, Bavaria
Founded 1878

Some of the former team members who were inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in Germany include Paul Ambros, Joseph HeiS, and Martin Hinterstocker.