Valerij Borisovitj Charlamov was a professional ice hockey player from Russia. He was born on January 14, 1948 in Moscow, Russia. Although he was relatively small compared to the other players, he is known as a real legend in Soviet hockey. He started playing ice hockey when he was just little, and by the time he reached his 20s, he was already chosen to be a part of the Soviet squad. It was known that he was able to combine superior hockey intelligence with immense natural talent; it was this deadly combination that made Charlamov one of the most formidable powers during his time.

Many players thought Charlamov’s talents were God-given as he could do practically everything from making a smart play, do tricky passes, and execute precise shots. The best thing was that he made things look so elegant and easy. All in all his execution epitomized the perfection and it amazed millions of fans and viewers.

Born 14 Jan 1948
Nationality Russian Federation Russian Federation

In 1969, while Charlamov was still 21 years old, he received the prestigious Russian sports title, ‘Merited Master of Sport’. He also led his Soviet team to win gold medals in the 1972 and 1976 Olympic game. Together with Vladimir Petrov and Boris Mikhailov, Charlamov formed one of the most dominating mix in the history of hockey.

Throughout his career, Charlamov has made numerous goals and garnered fantastic records. However, while he was still a part of the Soviet team, Charlamov and his wife died in a tragic car accident while on a busy highway from Moscow to St. Petersburg. They died in August 27, 1981. Charlamov has been inducted posthumously into the Hockey Hall of Fame and during the induction ceremony, Charlamov’s son Alexander spoke on his behalf.

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