Andrei Popov is a Russian ice hockey player who is best known for being a right wing of Traktor Chelyabinsk HK since 2005. Popov was born on July 15, 1988 in Chelyabinsk, Russia, and has pretty much started his whole career with Traktor Chelyabinsk HK.

A year after Popov started his professional career, he had the luck of being picked in the 2006 NHL entry Draft during the seventh round by the Philadelphia Flyers. However, since the draft, Popov has not yet played with the club at all.

Aside from his professional career, Popov is also an experienced international player who was able to play in the Under 18 Junior World Cup that was held in 2006.

Team 1854 traktor chelyabinsk Traktor Chelyabinsk
Born 15 Jul 1988
Nationality Russian Federation Russian Federation
Team History
1854 traktor chelyabinsk Traktor Chelyabinsk 2005 - present

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