Danila Viktorovich Alistratov is a professional ice hockey player who was born on October 30, 1990 in Chelyabinsk, Russian SFSR. Alistratov is best known for currently being Vityaz Chekhov’s goalkeeper. Vityaz Chekhov is a professional club that is recognized as a member of the KHL or Kontinental Hockey League.

Alistratov started his career rather recently when he turned pro in 2006. Alistratov was signed by Traktor Chelyabinsk HK from the start, which is a team that is a part of the third Russian league.

Due to his impressive performances, Alistratov soon made it to the first team and by the 2008 to 2009 season, he was already playing in 39 games up, and has participated in the playoffs.

Team Vityaz Chekhov Vityaz Chekhov
Born Oct 30, 1990
Nationality Russian Federation Russian Federation
Team History
Vityaz Chekhov Vityaz Chekhov 2011 - present
Traktor Chelyabinsk Traktor Chelyabinsk 2006 - 2011

In the summer of 2011, Alistratov signed a new contract, this time with Vityaz Chekhov. This happened when Traktor HK signed up new goalkeepers for their team.

Aside from his professional career, Alistratov is also an international player, participating in the Under 18 Junior world Championships in 2008 as well as the Under 20 Junior World Championships the following year.

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