Dieter Orendorz is a German who plays professional ice hockey. Orendorz was born on August 1, 1992 in Iserlohn, Germany. Incidentally, he plays as a defender for the Iserlohn Roosters since 2009. Orendorz’s team is a part of the DEL or the German Ice Hockey League.

Orendorz started his career right in his hometown when he signed with Iserlohn EC. At the time, the team was in the junior department or junior league and he enjoyed his time having a career at the same time continuing his studies.

Although Orendorz is officially signed with the Iserlohn Roosters, he is also a member of the Lippe-Hockey-Hamm which also plays in the same league.

Born 1 Aug 1992
Nationality Germany Germany
Team History
Iserlohn Roosters Iserlohn Roosters 2009

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