Jason Jaspers is a known professional ice hockey player who is currently known for being the centre of Kolner Haie, otherwise known as the Cologne Sharks. The team is a part of the Deutsche Eishockey Liga, and Jaspers started playing for the team during the 2009-2010 season.

Jaspers was the 71st draft pick of the NHL Entry Draft in 1999 by the Phoenix Coyotes. Incidentally, Jaspers was also drafted to join the Ontario Hockey League team called “Sudbury Wolves.” It was only in 2001 that Jaspers made his debut into professional ice hockey when he joined with the Springfield Falcons, which is a part of the American Hockey League.

Born 8 Apr 1981
Nationality Canada Canada

Jaspers was born on April 8, 1981 in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and has spent his first four years of his professional career as a player of the Falcons. Unfortunately, he was not able to get into the NHL and he was soon traded by the Coyotes to the Tampa Bay Lightning, not long after, Jaspers signed with Kolner Haie.

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