Chris Osgood is a Canadian goalie on the Detroit Red Wings.

Osgood was drafted by Detroit in 1991, and made his first start in 1993. Detroit had multiple goalies at the time, but Osgood proved himself and was named the starter for the playoffs. In 1994, Detroit acquired Mike Vernon, who was named the starter. Osgood was his backup at first, but won the starting role for the 1995-96 season, leading the NHL with 39 wins. He scored an empty net goal that season, making him only the second goalie to shoot and score in a game.

In 1997, Osgood was again Vernon

Team Detroit Red Wings Detroit Red Wings
Position Goaltender
Born Nov 26, 1972
Nationality Canada Canada
Nickname Wizard of Oz
Team History
Detroit Red Wings Detroit Red Wings 2005 - present
St. Louis Blues St. Louis Blues 2003 - 2004
New York Islanders New York Islanders 2001 - 2003
Detroit Red Wings Detroit Red Wings 1993 - 2001

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