Russian Super Hockey League or the RSL is known as the division at the top most level of professional ice hockey in Russia. After the NHL, the RSL comes close in second place in terms of being the best hockey league all over the world. Before it became the great league it is today, the Russian Super Hockey League was one of the parts of the Russian Professional Hockey League. The other parts consisted of the Major League and the First League.

The RSL was founded in 1999 in Russia. It was originally known as the Soviet League, which was started around 1946. During those years, the Soviet was dominated by CSKA Moscow. The Moscow team won 32 championships out of a total of 46. The said league lasted way until 1992 until the collapse of the USSR.

Sport Hockey
Country Russian Federation Russian Federation
Founded 1999
Teams 0
Teams promoted / relegated 0

The league did not morph directly into the league it is today. It was first transformed into the International Hockey League and was then christened as the Russian Hockey League by 1996. For three years, the said league was strictly Russian-only.

After three years had passed, the doors of the league opened to other countries transforming it into an international league. During this transition, the league adopted a new name and became the Russian Super Hockey League or sometimes known as the Russian Superleague.

On its 2007-2008 season, the RSL had twenty teams competing against each other. The competition consists of a regular season as well as a play-off season. The rules of the game are the same as the IHF rules.

Sadly, after the 2007-2008 season, the Russian Super Hockey League was disbanded and was changed in favor of the Kontinental Hockey League or KHL.