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Vancouver Canucks Vancouver Canucks
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Boston Bruins Boston Bruins
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Started: 12 AM, Sun Jun 05 2011 National Hockey League
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  • 0' The game was played in National Hockey League on Sunday June 5.
  • 12' Canucks took the lead when Burrows scored the first goal.
  • 29' Lucic scored an equalizer into the game
  • 31' Recchi scored a goal for Boston Bruins, making it 1-2.
  • 49' Sedin scored an equalizer into the game
  • 40' Burrows scored a goal for Canucks, making it 3-2.
  • 60' Burrows scored a goal for Canucks, making it 4-2.
  • The game ended in a 3 - 2 victory for the home team Canucks

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    The Bruins PP was terrible in the 2010-11 rluaegr season and the playoffs. Almost as bad n 2009-10 season but was stellar in the 2008-09 season. This can all be contributed to two things the loss of Marc Savard and the lack of a dominant shooter.When you look at the top producing PP's the last few seasons, they all have a dynamic duo. Backstrom-Ovechkin, Crosby-Malkin, Towes-Kane, Thornton-Marleau, Sedin-Sedin (hahaha) St. Louis-Stamkos and Zetterberg-Datsyuk.Ward would obviously love to have any combo of players like this but they simply don't. Hopefully, the emergence of Seguin as a shooter and Krecji as a true #1 playmaker will improve their PP next season.Sometime you PK needs to pick up your PP and vice versa. The Bruins just one a Stanley Cup and believe it or not the PP (special teams in general) were great in the cup final against the best defensive team in the NHL.Give the guy a break and if problems persist next season give him the boot. But until then enjoy because what just happened for B's fans doesn't happen all the time.