The sports named hockey is more popular by the name ‘Hockey’ in most of the countries around the world. It is more of a team sport than that of an individual one and has originated from the family of hockey. This game is played between two teams which consist of eleven players each and is played with the help of hockey sticks and a hard, solid plastic ball. This game is now played all over the globe and is particularly popular throughout the continents of Asia, Europe, Oceania, and South America. It is also the national sport of two countries – India and Pakistan. Other mode of hockey like ice hockey is much more popular than field hockey in some of the countries like Canada, and the United States.

When a hockey game is going on, only the goal keepers can touch the ball with any part of their body and that too within the shooting circle only. The other players are allowed to touch the ball with their sticks only. One thing should be kept in mind that the hands of the players are not considered to be a part of the sticks. Just like football, the team which scores more goals wins the game and if the score is level, the game is extended to further time or penalty shootout which depends on the format of the competition.

The governing body of this popular sport is International Hockey Federation (FIH). Men and women represent their country internationally during many competitions like Olympic Games, World Cup, World League, Champions Trophy, and Junior World Cup which are some of the most popular hockey competitions. Apart from these international competitions, there are many countries which organize junior, senior, as well as masters’ club competitions. The FIH is also the governing body which is responsible for organizing Hockey Rules Board and also develops the rules of this game towards betterment.

This type of hockey is also played in indoor stadiums. This version of the game is known as indoor hockey. Though the primary principles of hockey are maintained in this version, the number of players that each team consists is cut down to 6 – a side and the field size is also reduced to 40m x 20m. Though most of the rules remain the same just like the original version of field hockey, the sidelines are replaced by hard barriers which will rebound the ball. While talking about the origin of the game, it was initially played in Greece around 200 BC. Later, after the 300 BC, the game originated in Asia and it was in the year 1363 that the term ‘hockey’ was first coined in England. So, historically speaking, hockey is really a great game since its arrival and undoubtedly, its popularity speaks for itself.


Along with many other sports, hockey is also played in many countries around the world. This great game is available in various versions and the most popular one of them is the field hockey which is mainly played in various nations around the world alongside football and other sports.

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