Offseason: Atlanta Thrashers

The Atlanta Thrashers suffered through a disappointing season in 2007-08, and watched star forward Marian Hossa lead playoff scorers on the way to the Stanley Cup Finals with Pittsburgh, before signing with Stanley Cup Champion Detroit. marian hossa

The offseason hasn’t been much kinder to the Thrashers. Veteran forwards Bobby Holik and Mark Recchi both left, Holik for New Jersey and Recchi for Tampa Bay. Atlanta did lock up goaltender Johan Hedberg for the next few years, which should provide some stability in net. Talented young defenseman Ron Hainsey was also brought in from Columbus to help out with the powerplay and provide some offensive firepower from the blueline. Unfortunately for Atlanta, Tampa Bay and Washington both appear to be improving rapidly, with Carolina remaining a solid competitor. With the Southeast generally viewed as the weak division in the Eastern Conference, and contributing only one or two teams to the playoffs each year, Atlanta will most likely be left out of the postseason again next year.

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