*Offense:’ If you can get past the incredibly small size of the Canadiens’ most proficient scorers, you’ll find that the Habs actually have a nice complement of scorers and checkers on their roster. Brand new captain Brian Gionta will have to have quite a season to avoid dealing with alot of negative repercussions, but with Scott Gomez and Mike Cammalleri riding shotgun, he won’t have to carry the load alone.Grade: BCarey PriceDefense:The loss of Andrei Markov for the first portion of the season won’t be any help to the Canadiens’ blueline, but young PK Subban will be given a golden opportunity to prove himself to the Montreal faithful. With no one other than Subban under the age of 25, the Habs have an experienced group back there, and they should have no trouble keeping other teams in check.Grade: B+’'’Goaltending:’’’ If Carey Price> wasn’t feeling the pressure before, he’s feeling it now. When the Habs traded playoff hero Jaroslav Halak to St. Louis in the offseason, they put all their eggs in Price’s basket. If he drops it, it won’t be enjoyable, not for him or the fans at the Bell Centre. Alex Auld clearly isn’t a starting goalie, so it’s literally all on Price’s shoulders. For his sake, I hope he’s up to it.*Grade: B’

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