What has happened to the man who I once regarded as the best player to EVER lace up the blades? Wayne Gretzky is very quickly becoming the epitome of the Hall of Fame athlete who makes a complete ass of himself once his active playing days are officially over.

From putting together the worst ‘Dream Team’ in the history of Dream teams at the 2006 Torino Olympics, to being mentioned(ahem) or shall I say his wife being mentioned in the Rick Tockett Phoenix Coyote Gambling debacle, followed up with his rant about Rory Fitzpatrick and his quest to make last year’s all star game without having even managed a point.

On top of that, Gretzky has been nothing more than a whiney, simpering, no success NHL coach. But I was still willing to turn a blind eye to all of it. After all it was still Wayne Gretzky. One of my idols growing up.

But as of this morning, I have thrown in the towel. Gretzky once again has launched his holier than thou opinion. This time he has come out to defend his long time friend and teammate Kevin Lowe. As discussed on our last edition of Trash Talk Radio, Lowe went out and aggressively persued a couple of free agents. When Lowe landed Dustin Penner, Ducks GM Brian Burke went ballistic.

Whether you agree with what Lowe did or not, is not the point. What eats me is that Wayne Gretzky once again is sticking his nose in a discussion where he doesn’t belong, and because he said it, it must be so.

Just because a guy was a superstar player, does not make him a great hockey executive, coach or otherwise. Off the ice, Gretzky is not as good as he thinks.

Many who I have talked to agree. Gretzky is only tarnishing his once great reputation by remaining so visible in the game. It is time for him to step down as Coyotee coach and fade to black. Maybe come back in a few years.

I never thought I would say this…

Wayne Gretzky, GO AWAY!!!!!

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