Sidney Crosby has done his share so far in the Stanley Cup Finals. With 9 shots in Pittsburgh’s two shutout losses at Joe Louis Arena, Crosby was by no means a passive observer of the Wings’ dominance. In Game 3, Crosby came alive, scoring twice and buzzing around the net all night. Crosby beat Osgood again in the 2nd but hit the crossbar, and had another opportunity gloved at the goal line. The Pens’ young captain is clearly ready to play. The question is, where did Evgeny Malkin go?

Since Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Malkin has one goal and one assist scattered throughout the last seven games. His shot total per game has also drastically decreased, as he has not totalled more than 3 shots in any game since the first game of the series with Philadelphia. Even in Pittsburgh’s huge win on Wednesday, Malkin was practically invisible. He finished the game with 3 shots and a penalty at the end of the game that could have cost his team the victory.

At the end of the regular season, many people, myself included, were calling Malkin Pittsburgh’s MVP. In the past few games, he has looked more like a tired old man than an energetic young superstar. Malkin is clearly one of the top talents in the league, and his success is crucial to the fate of the Penguins. If he doesn’t turn it on soon, the Pens may be out of luck.

Len robinson
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