Confused about some of the aspects of hockey? Hockey is a fascinating game and if you know some of the basics you may find yourself really appreciating and enjoying the sport.

The game is played for 60 minutes. This 60 minutes is divided into 3 periods of 20 minutes each. There is an intermission between the first and second periods.

Wondering what that big machine is that comes out on the ice before the game and between periods? This is the Zamboni and it is used to resurface the ice and make it smooth for ideal playing conditions. The hockey players wear skates that have very sharp blades. These blades cut the ice and make it uneven and that is why the Zamboni is necessary.

Each team is allowed seven players on the ice at one time. Usually there is one goalie, three defensive men and three forwards. You may notice that there are times during most hockey games when there are not quite as many players on the ice. Teams lose players when penalties occur.

A hockey game begins with the referee dropping the puck on the center ice line. Each team has a player on the line who tries to hit the puck. The other team members are close by and try to prevent the puck from going in their net or they are trying to get the puck into the other team s net.

There are all kinds of penalties. One of the most common penalties is tripping. A hockey player may use their stick or a leg to trip a player in the other team. Another penalty is holding. This penalty occurs when a player grabs part of another player s uniform or stick and won t let go.

In professional hockey a penalty that is often called is fighting. There are times when this penalty results in the ejection of one or more players from the game.

Hockey is an exciting and fast-paced game.

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    it's fine, but the constant whniasg form dong that makes the logo rough up on the edges. Won't look as nice, but won't be bad either. And it's not a mesh like this,But an air knit, like this:The fabric is a air knit, which is meant to be worn on the ice. Not all do, but most do. The air knit helps keep you cooler. That was the big complaint some players had about the RBK edge jerseys- they didn't have them. It got hot, and they went back to the air knit.What's better though if you don't already have the jersey is to buy an uncrested NHL jersey. These are the Authentics minus the fight strap and logos, and are on sale most places.But the Replicas are authentic minus reinforced stitching, and fight straps. And the logos are glued and not sewed. New (RBK edge) are made of different fabric though, those aren't as good, the're hotter. Fit's nice though.Short answer: Yes, they're fine, The CCM replicas are great and the RBK Edge replicas are a little warmer, but still fine.

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    No...there's still ONLY 6 players...including the goalie! 2 defense, 2 wings, 1 center, 1 goalie. 2+2+1+1=6

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