PGA Tour

The PGA Tour is the tour that takes place across the entire United States. It is also an organization that is actually headquartered in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. The PGA Tour does not run the major golf tournament like the Ryder Cup. It does in the player’s championship and the Presidents cup as well as the other events that take place on a regular PGA Tour.

They also run the champions tour for golfers over the age of 50 and the nationwide tour which is actually a second-level tour. They conduct a qualifying tournament each year that consists of six rounds held in the autumn. The top 30 golfers are allowed to play in the following year’s PGA Tour. Some of the other players in the qualifying tournament are allowed to play in the nationwide tour.

Winning any PGA Tour allows a player to play in any tour for the next two years for a maximum of five years. Their lifetime exemptions for those players who have won 20 times or for those players who have earned a great deal of money and qualified as the top 50 players with the top earning in the PGA Tour.

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