In the game of golf, a golf handicap is a number. This number measures the golfer’s ability to play and can be used to create a score from the number of strokes that are taken in order to make the whole. Golf handicaps make the playing field more level for all players, depending on their expertise and how good of the sport they are. I handicap is designed to make the playing field more level, creating different standards for those who are more skilled at golf and those they are playing with. For this reason handicap is normally used in amateur golf, meaning golf that is played for fun and not professional gain.

Handicap is calculated using a specific formula, and their score is created from this handicap. Par is also determined using the golf handicap. Unless you run a golf course or you are a professional golfer, chances are that you do not need to know how to calculate golf handicap. Different associations of golf have different ways of calculating golf handicap.

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