The caddy is an important part of any person’s golf game. The caddy is normally a young boy, hired by golfers in order to help him carry around and move around the valuable and expensive equipment that they need in order to play the game of golf. It is an honor for some people to be the caddy for some of the world’s most talented golfers. Caddies may perform any of a number of services for golfer, including but not limited to carrying a golf equipment and picking up their balls and carrying them around the field as well.

A caddy is also supposed to give some type of support and advice to a player. Many of them play golf themselves and know the type of challenges that offers face, and can offer unbiased opinions on how to best overcome these obstacles. In most cases, caddies walk the course carrying the players bad with the golfer. There is another type of caddying in which the caddy is always ahead of the golfer, so that they can mark the shots where they land. There are other types of caddying still, in which the caddy drives a golf cart for the whole time match is going on.

Caddies may also be required to clean clubs involved, break bunkers or rake sand traps, replaced divots, and providing encouragement and distraction (in a good way) for the golfer. Caddies are more important than anybody would like to think.

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