A racing driver’s traditional picture is of a superstar earning millions in any race, born for driving, and who has been driving since his earliest years. However, another kind of driver has lately gained the treatment of film stars: The Gentleman Driver. It is a series that follows four wealthy business people who race in the sports car racing industry at the highest level. In doing so, a more minor but significant community of motorsports athletes is brought to light. In specific world championships, these drivers are essential, and often they make it possible for many skilled drivers to compete.

Good career management is crucial to making a Gentleman driver a professional, but it is also highly vital for inexperienced drivers. Some of the typical mistakes could be all too clear for a person who did not grow up in motorsports. Motorsport is costly, and many people tend to waste more money than they need. It is vital to find someone you to trust can support. Please ask who is well known and knows what to invest in the motorsports industry. Which competitions you can race in, and the vehicles and equipment to pick is your reference.


In sports car racing, a driver who is not a licensed racing driver is usually referred to. The primary source of money for these drivers is not motorsports. Most sports car racing classes now have a rating system for gentleman drivers with outstanding achievements in single-seater racing. Under the age of 50, platinum, gold, or gentlemen are drivers with an international (B) license, and platinum is the primary winner in motor racing or on the 50-59 platinum level. Many series need gentlemen drivers (P2 and GTE-AM in WEC, P2, and GT3/GTD in IMSA) who only include one licensed driver in a team with three drivers in those categories.

In particular sports car driving courses, a team that would like to be a member would have a gentleman who pays for his or her seat. It is a polarizing idea, but all would accept that the flow of financing from the gentlemen drivers helps keep sports cars moving. Keating has been one of the leading gentlemen drivers over the years since his first taste of a circuit.