In golf, the term made cut did not finish, or MDF can be seen written on the scoreboard of the player. It refers to those players who made the cut for the first two rounds but then was subjected to a second cut after the third round. It is determined by the PGA base on the player’s score ranking at the top 70. According to the rules of the competition of the PGA tournament, the number of players that should make it to the finals is 70. If there are more than 70 players that made it to the first round, PGA will need to cut down the number. Hence, the second cut round will be implemented. It includes the players that are tied in a match.

How Made Cut did not Finish Works?

If the made cut did not finish appears on the player’s scoreboard, it means that the golfer was able to make it to the 36-hole cut, but did not end to the 54-hole cut. Tournaments of PGA have two cuts, the traditional cut, and the second cut. The traditional cut is made after reaching 36 holes, while the second cut is done after 54 holes. When a golfer fails to make the second cut, he or she will not be able to play the fourth round.

Reasons for Made Cut did not finish

The main reason why made cut did not finish was implemented is to keep the fields of the tournament small and manageable on weekend rounds. To make sure that the numbers of players are cut down, the 54-hole as the second cut was established. Even if the second cut does not happen as often, the addition of the 54-hole cut rule was still implemented for cases when there are more than 70 players that made it to the first cut.

The PGA Tour prefers to have 70 golfers to advance to the next round the following week after the opening of the tour. It is considered their ideal number after the 36-hole. Also, during this week, the tournament will see a lot of viewers as well as the TV audience. Hence, the crowd will get bigger. So, to keep the tournament manageable in terms of players and viewers, they have to cut down the number of players to 70.