In golf, a knock-down refers to a type of shot that has a low trajectory. The common reasons for having a low shot are due to strong winds. However, there are cases when the players themselves hit a low shot, regardless of whether there is a strong wind or not.

Common Mistakes of Knock-down

There are various reasons for a golfer to make low trajectory shots. Although other players blame it on the wind, what made the shot a knock-down is because of the mistakes they make during starting positions. Another factor is poor swing techniques.

How to Address Poor Knock-down Shots?

Performing bad knock-down shots can be solved. Some strategies can help you improve your position as well as your swing techniques. If you continuously practice these strategies, you will improve your shots, thus avoiding low trajectory shots.

Position of your Hands

When in address, do not move your hands too far forward. If you place your hands too far forward can result in the de-loft of your club. It will pull you out of balance affecting your upper body alignment, thus producing bad knock-down shots. Before you address, your hands should be slightly forward. Make sure that your forearms are parallel to the target line. The correct position of your hands can add loft to your club leading to higher trajectory shots.

  • Position of your Golf ball

As a player, always remember that the different shape of your swings affects the position of your golf ball. Make sure when you do a swing, your ball should be forward to produce higher shots. This can prevent you from experiencing poor knock-down shots.

  • Loosen your Grip

Having a strong grip limits the movement of your hands. It can affect your loft. Avoid too much rotation of your hand in a clockwise formation. It will result in having your swing to over-rotate upon impact and de-loft your club. Instead, learn to use the neutral grip.

  • Hit Down

Avoid hitting down the ball too much. A lot of golfers believe that doing a hit down can lift the ball upon impact. However, it can also lead to fewer lofts on your club, thus preventing the appropriate forward motion towards your target. A professional golfer knows the downside of hitting down the ball too much. Instead of relying on this strategy, they use their proper swing and ball position to produce good knock-down shots.