In golf, a jab is another term for a putting stroke. A putting stroke is short, quick, and sometimes erratic. It can either be a lousy putting or a great putting. As a golfer, make sure that you use your stroke correctly. Otherwise, your score will be affected. However, if you manage to do a good putting, the scores can contribute greatly to your score and overall performance.

Developing a Good Putting Stroke

Preventing erratic shots is not good for your performance. A jab stroke that was not performed accurately can result in an unfavorable impact on your score. Hence, professional golfers would make use of their break time to practice and perfect their putting store. You can adjust the speed when hitting the golf ball through this.

Choosing the Right Club

Using the right club can contribute to your jab strokes. You can use a wedge to create a perfect putting stroke. Put the wedge next to the ball and make sure that the club-head is pointed at the right side of the cup. Check if the ball is situated two inches from the base of the grip. Place the back of the putter behind the ball and begin your stroke.

Practice your Putting Stroke Techniques

To successfully manage your putting strokes, think of your shoulders, arms, and hands. These three should move together as one. This jab stroke is dominated by the correct position of your shoulders. How your shoulder moves, your arms, and your hands will follow. Make sure that your wrists stay solid.

Your hips, legs, and feet should stay still. Ensure that the weight of your body is balanced on both feet when you jab. Keep in mind that the length of your backswing is the same as your follow-through.

When moving your club, your putting stroke should always have consistent rhythm. Also, the distance of the ball is determined by the length of your jab every time you hit each putt. Do not forget that the putter head of your club should maintain a straight line back and line through when it travels towards the ball. Also, it is important, when you make your stroke, the putter face is perfectly located at right angles to your target line.

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