In contention refers to a player who manages to rise in the leaderboard during the competition. It means that the player has a good chance of winning the golf tournament. In other words, the player was able to up his or her overall performance base on his or her impressive scores.

How to be In Contention for Golf?

Excelling in the game of golf takes a lot of preparation and mental discipline. It is more than just learning the right techniques and earning skills. It is about hard work and perseverance. Golf is not for everyone. As a player, you need to be patient before making a shot. If a player hits the ball recklessly, it can result in getting low scores and poor performance ratings.

To be in contention means that you need to do your best to up your level of playing the game. You need to learn about the swing techniques, different golf clubs, and your body formation. Professional golfers does not get high ranking in the leaderboard by not consistently practice some drills. They did it because of continuous practice.

Good Strategies for In Contention

There is no quick way to be a good golfer. You need to improve your techniques diligently as it can get you the chance to be in contention throughout the tournament. To do this, you need good strategies to overcome the challenges that you might face during the match play.

  • Hazards

One of the difficult places to be in the course is when your ball hits the hazards. There are rules when it comes to hitting the ball when you are in a marked area. To overcome this challenge, you need to come up with a strategy on how to hit the ball outside the bunker with a clean shot to ensure that you are on your way to in contention. It is all about using the right club and swing techniques.

  • Hard Ground

It is often difficult to make a clean shot when the ground is dry and hard. It affects how the club hits the ball. If you do not use proper stance formation, your club might come down in a sharp angle affecting the pacing of the ball when hit. You can avoid this by learning which club to use and the perfect swing to use for hard ground.