A halfway house or halfway hut is a considered as a comfort station where golfers or players can get light snacks and refreshments during their round. This station is situated between the 9-hole and 10-hole. Although there are players that prefer to finish until the last hole before allowing themselves some refreshments, there are others that prefer to take it lightly and make a quick stop.

Reasons for Halfway House or Halfway Hut

Halfway house or halfway hut was created primarily to provide players the place to re-energize. However, these comfort stations had slowly evolved. Now, golf courses are making these stations into more than just a quick place to revitalize. These stations are now offering comfortable facilities and quality refreshments as part of the courses enhance strategies on improving its service to the golfers.

Best Halfway House or Halfway Hut

Golf courses from around the world are slowly renovating their hallway house or hallway hut into a private comfort station, with good landscaping views, improved facilities and services, and better food. The objective of making these comfort stations is to ensure that their golfers can relax while at the same time enjoy the game.

  • Silo Ridge in Amenia, New York

The halfway house or halfway hut in Silo Ridge Field Club is a private area with a gated community. The comfort station focuses on lifestyle and recreational experience for their golfers. The foods that they offer are light refreshments to savory appetizers.

  • Quivira in Los Cabos, Mexico

The Quivira Golf Club’s halfway house or halfway hut provides breathtaking views of the Pacific Oceans. The club has three comfort stations, but the popular stop is the one that is located on top of a cliff, near the par 4 hole. The golf course is accessible by its exclusive members only.

  • Kohanaiki in Hawaii

Kohanaiki is a private club community. Their halfway house or halfway hut offers three amazing comfort stations and provides great views of the ocean. They offer assorted refreshments from ice cream sandwiches to a variety of fruits and nuts.

The transformation of halfway house or halfway hut attracted a lot of golfers to take a quick break in between their game. These comfort stations provide a brief respite while at the same time enjoy appetizing refreshments.