In golf, a golden ferret means holing a shot from a greenside bunker. It is considered as one of the extraordinary shot a golfer can make during the game. It is also one of the achievements that are awarded to players, as mentioned in funnies.

How Golden Ferret Works?

The reason why the golden ferret is considered an extraordinary shot because it does not happen that often. Most players call it “pure luck.” The idea of this shot is to make a direct hit to the hole by the player from the bunker. However, the player aims to get the ball out from the bunker into the green. Since the bunker is considered a hazard, this area is one of the traps that a golfer may encounter. That is why, when the golfer makes a hole with just one shot, it is deemed as an unusual achievement.

Awards for Golden Ferret

Golden ferret is one of the achievement awards in common funnies. The funnies are achievement awards given to a player that manages to provide a unique performance during the game, whether the player wins or loses the tournament. If the organizing committee of funnies deems you worthy of such an award, it will be given to you.

How to Achieve Golden Ferret?

To achieve the golden ferret, your ball should be situated in the bunker or sand trap. The player will need to chip the ball out of the trap in just one try. Many players dread greenside bunkers as they make it difficult for the ball to take out. However, getting the ball out from the trap is achievable if your swings and ball positions are correct. You will also need to choose the right club, depending on the distance you want the ball to hit and the area you want the ball to avoid.

If your ball happens to fall deeper in the bunker, which means that there are a lot of greens, that you need to work out, choose a high-lofted wedge club. If your ball is not that deep in the bunker with minimal greens to work with, choose a lower lofted wedge club.