Considered as one of the well-known golf course management organizations in the US, the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America or GCSAA is a professional association for individuals that are managing and maintaining the golf course. It focuses on the management of golf courses, as well as providing policies about the views and interests of the golf course superintendents. Their head office is currently situated in Lawrence, Kansas.

History of GCSAA

Established in 1926, the GCSAA focuses on providing education, information, and representation to golf course superintendents in America. The association was organized for these superintendents to find the right network and share their experiences about the maintenance of golf courses. To date, the association had more than 18,000 members in over 78 countries.

The GCSAA has also a philanthropic organization called the Environmental Institute for Golf. This philanthropic arm is a joint initiative of the sectors of golf and environmental groups to improve the relationship of golf courses with the natural environment. It focuses on delivering programs and services that showcase the best environmental management practices on the golf course.

How to become a member of GCSAA?

The GCSAA had standing rules when it comes to membership. The purpose of establishing such rules is to ensure that there are fair and equitable interpretation and enforcement of the rules stipulated by the organization. If you wish to become a member, submit an official application form provided by the organization.

Membership Qualifications of GCSAA

There are a total of twelve membership classes that you can apply to. Each membership class has its specific requirements that need to be met to qualify. These membership classes are class A, class B member, international superintendent member, class C, equipment manager, facility membership, associate class, class E, inactive, student membership, student web-only membership, and friend of the golf course superintendent membership.

Membership Benefits of GCSAA

Once the governing body of GCSAA approves your application form, you can then avail of the privileges of the organizations. The benefits that you will receive are membership cards, complimentary magazine subscriptions, and dues term insurance. For the membership cards, they have two types, the gold card, and the green card.