In golf, funnies refer to describe various achievements during a game of golf. These achievements can either be positive or negative. The awarding of the achievements does not necessarily follow strict scores. It is more about the unusual event that took place during the game.

Awarding of Funnies

The awarding of funnies is continuously being developed. It comes in different variations depending on the interpretation of the awarding committee. The purpose of such an achievement is to make the match-play competition more interesting. It enables the players to win an achievement despite the outcome of the game.

Types of Funnies

When awarding a player a funny, it depends on the type and its meanings. So far, numerous funnies are awarded to the player. There are the common funnies, the negative funnies, and the less common funnies.

Common Funnies

Five common funnies are awarded to the player. The oozium is given to the player who achieves one or two putts during the match on the green. The sandy is awarded to the player who experienced a hole-out in the bunker. The ferret is when the player experiences a holing of a ball from the green. Lastly is the golden ferret, where the player holes a ball directly from the bunker.

Negative Funnies

There had only been one (1) negative funny that was awarded to a golfer, so far. This achievement is called plonker. This happens when a drive fails to reach the ladies’ tee.

The Less Common Funnies

The less common funnies have six (6) achievements. The sticky is an achievement when the player manages to hit the flag straight from the green, but the ball was not able to go in the cup. The chippy is when the player manages to chip straight in the cup with the flag out. The bonito is awarded to the player when his ball lands in the water but was able to skip it out back into play. The bridge is when the golfer hits the ball, and it ricochets off a bridge. Other less common funnies are the reverse oozium and reverse sandy.