In golf, a Frenchie is a slang term that refers to the act of hitting the golf ball that ricochets. Typically the ball would rebound from the tree and head back to the fairway. Golfers often find themselves frustrated after thinking that it was a good shot only to hit a tree and bounce back. Instead of covering a long distance, it was cut short because of the obstruction.

Preventing a Frenchie

A Frenchie can be avoided if the golfer assumes a correct position before swinging his club. Many areas need to be considered, including the placement of hands, club, and posture. If the golfer fails to overlook these key areas, it can lead to experiencing issues down the line.

Addressing a Frenchie

When you experience a Frenchie, you need to find ways to remedy the situation. It is not advisable if you keep on relieving the moment as it might hinder your concentration on the game. Thankfully, you have three options on how to address such an issue. These options are hitting the ball back into the fairway and make par, perform a punch shot under the tree, or hit the ball over the top of the tree.

If you decide to perform a punch shot, make sure to use a low lofted club. It allows you to make the right hit. If you prefer to hit the ball over a tree, ensure that your clubface is open to generate more lofts.

For beginners of the sport, there are several tips to address how to make a punch shot or hit the ball over a tree. Remember to follow these tips as it can help you whenever you find yourself in such a situation.

Body Stance

Having the right body stance can help strengthen your swings. You need to stand tall near the golf ball as this lengthens your swing. Make sure that your feet are closer and not wide enough so that you will not have problems during your swing. When you make a swing, take the club back halfway and keep your arms extended even after hitting the ball.

Use Low Lofted Club

Several beginners do not use the low lofted club during punch shot. However, if you want to give it your best shot, this type of club is ideal in keeping the ball low while at the same time achieving the distance that you are aiming for. Avoid using hybrid clubs when hitting a punch shot, as it can cause inconsistencies.