A zinger is a popular term in football, which means hitting the ball high and hard. This term originated with Paul Azinger, a famous golf player, in which he had written a book called Zinger to tell his battle with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Azinger was famous between the 1980s and 1994, where he was included in the Top 10 most sought-after golf player in the Official World Golf Ranking for almost 300 weeks.

The Definite Meaning of Zinger

Zinger, although associated with Paul Azinger, has a meaning in the golf dictionary. This means that the shot was hit incorrectly, but filled with power, that leads the ball to land on the sweet spot. This can mean positively and negatively, as the ball was hit in an incorrect manner, yet with a low trajectory.

The Early Life of Azinger

Paul Azinger was born in Massachusetts and grew up in Florida. While he was studying in a community college, he made an opportunity to practice his swings while playing the school golf team. This eventually led him to give more time for golf and earn a scholarship to the Florida State University in Tallahassee. Soon after 1981, he started becoming a professional golf player. The breakout of his career was in 1987, where he finished champion on the PGA Tour and second place in the Open Championship.

The Book about Zinger

When Paul Azinger wrote the book called “Zinger”, he was battling a deadly disease, which involved many excruciating chemotherapy treatments. Azinger summarized how he feared for his life while feeling accomplished about his successful return to golf. His book was tagged as the story of determination, courage, and charging back. When he returned to golf, he was accepted and admired by many fans and many made a tribute for him.

The Impact of Zinger in Paul Azinger’s Life

Zinger is not just a story written by Paul Azinger, but he poured out his heart to mention all the trials he went through. His heart remained the same for golf, and the goal of winning the PGA Tour would cost everything to him.