We are Golf is an organization intended for aspiring golf players. Since golf is strongly impacted in the US economy and overall social agenda, they have collaborated to make a story about golf and all the greatest golfers whose lives depended on it. Furthermore, this is a coalition founded in 2009 where many organizations have been involved, such as the National Golf Course Owners Association, US Professional Golf Association, Gold Course Superintendents Association, and others.

The Purpose of ‘We are Golf’

Even though this sport brought positive impacts to the country, yet it’s one of the sports that remained misunderstood. To create unique strategic initiatives towards the sports and the people behind it, We are Golf cooperated with a lot of organizations to support the growth and development of the sport. These partnerships would increase people’s involvement in the game and sustain sports facilities.

Advocates of We are Golf

One of the advocates of We are Golf is the Back2Golf, where they are providing shelters for the vulnerable individual who can’t return back to their homes yet, because of the global pandemic. The organization helped Back2Gold to impose social distancing and to encourage golfers to adapt to the new normal environment. They are displaying warnings and guidelines in the golf shop, clubhouse, and anywhere appropriate to remind everyone that they should be responsible for their actions and be safe and healthy.

The Leadership Under We are Golf

Since this organization works well with the country’s biggest golf leaders, all of them had a common purpose of supporting the advocacies of the sports. There will be programs to uplift the spirit of the sports and to pursue and initiate all the programs that We are Golf is handling. For this organization, golf is for everyone to be enjoyed, so regardless of someone’s background, the organization can still pursue everyone, as long as they’ve seen a fueled passion in them.

Participation of the Game

Accessibility towards the game is one of the most important concepts that We are Golf is advocating. Together with the National Alliance for Accessible Golf, they commit to ensuring each individual will have an equal chance to enjoy and play the game.