The Vaulting Dormie is a term in golf used to describe the possibility of converting a lead into a success by a player, even without passing through dormie. To clarify, “Dormie” means a match play when the golfer matches the number of the remaining holes. For example, 2-up with two holes or a 3-up with three holes. In vaulting dormie, there’s already an assured minimum of a tie. For instance, players are converting an 8-hole lead into a 9-hole play.

Origins of “Dormies”

Dormie is technically not a word in the English language and its etymology is yet unknown. However, the United States Golf Association explained that the term “dormie” is from the French word “dormir”, which means sleeping or to sleep. Interrelating this to a golf match, it means that the player can no longer lose the golf competition. This could even mean that a Dormie player can relax during the competition.

The Contribution of Mary Queen of Scots

Mary Queen of Scots is the first-ever golfer who was known to be a dormie. She spent most of her childhood in France and was credited for introducing the words “dormie” and “caddie”. Although she stayed in Scotland for a couple of years, yet there’s no evidence if the Queen uses the Scottish slang “dormice” to bring into the world of golf. The context of a “dormie” could also mean to sleep overnight.

How to Apply the Dormie?

Golfers have many ways of applying the term. For instance, when the player made it to become a dormie lead, then golf commentators can say “goes dormie” or the player has “reached dormie”. This term is usually encountered by casual golfers and spectators and this is most remembered during 3 major match-play tournaments, like Presidents Cup, Solheim Cup, and Ryder Cup.

How to Apply the Dormie for Extra Holes?

As mentioned, this term is known in 3 major match-play tournaments. In 1851, it was noted in a newspaper article called The Historical Dictionary of Golfing Terms how the player divided the remaining holes, making him not to lose the competition. There are also times where the match-play competition finished the 18th hole, so he will use the extra hole to achieve victory.