Otherwise known as a blast, an explosion bunker shot is hitting the ball out of the sand trap into the green. The player will need to take an immense swing of the club by striking the sand behind the ball and scoop the ball out. This shot will force the sand and the ball at a high angle, making a perfect landing on the green.

How Explosion Bunker Shot Works

An explosion bunker shot will only work if the sand trap is fine and dry. If the sand is wet, performing this type of shot will not be successful. This kind of shot is primarily used for greenside bunkers where the ball doesn’t have to move quite far. The main aim of this shot is to take the ball out of the sand trap while simultaneously restricting the ball’s reach by not going too far.

How to Take the Ball outside the Sand Trap

To successfully take your ball outside the sand trap, performing an explosion bunker shot needs to be well executed. If the shot is not properly carried out, the player will have difficulty getting the ball out of the sand. There are important points that need to be considered to establish the routine.

  1. Take a standing position with the ball placed at the center forward position. Make sure that the stance of your feet is slightly wider than your shoulders, but not too much.

  2. Your wrists should be properly hinged. The impact of your shot depends upon the hinging and unhinging of your wrists. When placing your club, move it away from the back of the ball. Set the right angle of your club by hinging the right wrist back. Unhinge your wrist once you swing through, allowing the club to make an impact on the ball.

  3. Make sure that your clubface is slightly open. Explosion bunker shot requires accelerated swing shots. So, do not hold back when you take a shot.

  4. Keep your head steady when making a shot. Focus on the ball to achieve clean contact with your club. If your head is not steady, you might lose sight of the ball when you take a shot.