In golf, it is considered a fairway hit when the ball or any part of the ball touches the fairway surface after the tee shot on a par of 4 or 5. It has long been considered a good target for amateur golfers to reach more than 50 percent of fairways. Professional Golfers Association (PGA) Tour champions appear to even reach 70 percent hits.

How Fairway Hit Works

A lot of golfers experience difficulty in making a fairway hit. The common mistake that most players do is to try to sweep the ball off the ground. It can only result in getting a thin shot. To be able to get a good hit on the fairway, a golfer needs to learn how to hit the ball by using the correct club. A well-hit ball on the fairway feels solid that gets the ball into the air.

Evaluating the Hole

Getting more fairways hit does not mean that a player needs to change its swing techniques. Instead, the player can look into the course strategies. Oftentimes, amateur golf players use a driver, a type of golf club, when hitting the fairways. However, it does not usually produce the right results. Before you decide what kind of club to use, make sure to check where you want your ball to land. You might also need to consider the spot that you should avoid.

On the other hand, professional golf players do not use drivers on fairways. They often use wood or a wedge. Although other players find it difficult to make a fairway hit using wood, it all depends on the swinging techniques, hand placement, and stance, which makes it work.

The Right Swing Technique

For a player to correctly use the right swing technique, it takes time to be confident about how to do it correctly. Making a fairway hit takes a lot of practice to properly hit without smashing the ball. You need to build confidence in your swinging, regardless if the ball is either on the ground or a tee. Avoid smashing the ball by taking your hands back to the height of your shoulder on a backswing and then make a full swing.