John Ball, Jr. was a known golfer from England during the late 19th century through the early 20th century. He was born in Hoylake in December 24, 1861, which is quite close to Liverpool. To those in Europe, Ball dominated the world of amateur golf in Great Britain the way Bob Jones did for the United States. As early as 17 years old, Ball was able to finish in fifth place at the British Open which was held in Prestwick.

His run of numerous amateur golf titles began a few years later – in 1888 to be exact – and made further progress until 1912 when was already 51 years of age. For experts, it was in 1890 that Ball had had his “best year”. This was the time when he won the Open Championships as well as the British Amateur Championships. Apart from Ball, Jones is the other golfer in history to have won these two tournaments in the same year.

Born 24 Dec 1861
Death 2 Dec 1940 (78 years)
Nationality England England

One of the things of note when Ball played was the way he swung his club. Despite gripping it tightly in the palm of both his hands, Ball had a knack of having the most graceful swing and not to mention stylish in his era. So much so that numerous commentators have said that they take great pleasure in simply watching Ball play through his grace and presence.

Apart from his graceful swing, Ball also was famous for refusing to carry a niblick. He disliked the use of the club, calling it “another bloody spade.” Due to his refusal to use the club, when he was in a bunker, Ball would pretty much lay open a mid-iron blade and just float the ball towards the hole in an amazingly smooth swing.

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