Born Michael Richard Beem in 1970, this player is known for having staged one of the greatest upsets in the history of the PGA Championships. His professional career is also marked with a lot of highs and lows – at one point he was even on the verge of quitting pro golfing.

He studied Marketing at the New Mexico State University. There he became a member of the University’s golf team. He finished his degree in 1993 and he turned pro a year after that. Beem’s father Larry was his coach throughout his university career.

Born 24 Aug 1970
Nationality United States United States

Beem couldn’t have been more of a rookie when he arrived in the pro-golf scene. Since he has never competed professionally – he did not have the slightest idea of what happens of the green. He is known for bringing his own lunch in his first tour. He was not aware that the clubhouse served players a free buffet lunch.

His rookie years were pretty much unremarkable. The young man is said to have ‘partied like a rock star’ – a move that did nothing for his career. In order to make ends meet, he even considered quitting pro-golf to sell mobile phones instead.

One of Beem’s greatest professional achievements occurred in 2002 when he won and bested Tiger Woods in the PGA Championships. Other wins include the 1999 Kemper Open.

Today, this one time world Top 20 continues to play gold professionally. His past achievements have forever cemented him in the golfing world. Experts still keep an eye on him as he may pull off another unprecedented win in the future. Beem currently lives in Texas with his wife. His other interests include music, cars and skiing.Currently, Beem has 5 professional victories with 3 wins on the PGA Tour. In 2010, he was unable to play fully since he had to undergo back surgery to treat damages in his vertebrae. Although he was supposed to miss only a month or so of the season, he had to miss out the rest of the season because of some rehabilitation issues.

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