Bernhard Langer is known as one of the finest golfers in Europe that is still playing to this day. In fact, he is known as the only European golfer to put his country on the golfing map.

Langer was born in Anhausen, Germany to a father who was a bricklayer and to a family who struggled to keep making ends meet. In order to earn money for himself, he started caddying at the age of eight. This was Langer’s first introduction to the sport of golf. When he wasn’t spending time caddying, he would practice behind the caddy shack using old golf clubs. It was there that Langer showed that he had a natural talent for golf. Langer spent so much time in the club that by the age of fourteen, he became the assistant professional at the Munich Golf Club. This was a great opportunity for Langer because he got to train under Heinz Freiburg, a true professional golfer.

Born 27 Aug 1957
Nationality Germany Germany

Langer’s first tournament came just a few months after becoming an assistant professional at the golf club. It was one of his most memorable accomplishments because he ended up defeating twenty-five German golf pros. Langer became known as the youngest person to win the National German closed championship.

It wasn’t hard for Langer to choose whether to be a professional golfer or to be a club professional. He decided to turn pro and his first win came in 1974 in the German National Open. Two years later, Langer joined the European PGA Tour. In 1981, Langer already topped the European Order of Merit, consistently winning tournaments including the German and Irish Opens. In 1984, Langer decided to join the American PGA Tour but wasn’t quite successful.

Langer’s success was interrupted, however, when he developed a condition known as “yips”, wherein a golfer’s hand is interrupted while putting because the instructions sent by the brain to the hand is not processed properly. However, with hard work, Langer managed to regain his form and his consistency.

Langer single-handedly put Europe on the golfing map because he won the US Masters twice, once in 1985 and then again in 1993. He is known as the two-time US Masters champion. His victory in the World Cup also placed Europe on the golfing map because it was the first time that Germany ever won in the prestigious tournament.

Langer still continues to play to this day. His best finish in the year 2008 was when he finished first on the Champions Tour twice. He currently ranks third in Charles Schwab Cup Points on the Champions Tour.

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