Douglas Michael Ford, Sr. is a former professional golfer from America. He was born on June 8, 1922, in West Haven, Connecticut, United States.

Ford turned pro in 1949, and won his first tournament in 1952 at the Jacksonville Open. Three years later, Ford won his first Major Championship – the PGA Championship. Although the game is more or less considered a match play, Ford managed to defeat Cary Middlecoff in the final round. That year, Ford was named as the PGA Tour’s Player of the Year.

Born 8 Jun 1922
Nationality United States United States

By 1957, Ford, although being a bit left behind, came around Sam Snead and won the event by three strokes. Notably, the last of his PGA Tour titles came in 1936.

Ford represented America in fighting for the Ryder Cup. He was part of the 1955, 1957, 1959, and 19861 Ryder Cup teams. In addition, by 1972, he was inducted into the Golf Hall of Fame of Connecticut. He was also inducted into the glittering walls of the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame 20 years after getting induced into the first time.

Over the course of his career, Ford managed to win a total of 25 professional wins. Among these wins, 19 titles were won on the PGA Tour, while the other 6 were won on other tournaments (two of which were from senior tournaments). Among these titles, Ford won two Major Championships. These events included the 1957 Masters and the 1955 PGA Championship. Other than that, he has not yet participated in an event, or won any to date. It has been noted that all of his 19 PGA Tour titles were won before 1963, and not in recent years.

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