Roberto DeVicenzo is a retired Argentinian professional golfer. He was born in April 14, 1953 in Villa Ballester, Buenos Aires, Argentina. His long-spanning golf career resulted in winning an impressive roster of two hundred and thirty (230) tournaments all over the world, including six PGA Tour championships and one British Open championship triumph.

However, next to his amazing wins in golf history, there is one unfortunate instance in the 1968 Masters tournament that DeVicenzo is remembered for: an error in scoring that relegated him to an inferior rank than what he deserved on the competition. After scoring a birdie 3, his playing partner Tommy Aaron erroneously entered par 4 on DeVicenzo’s scorecard. Failing to check it for accuracy, the Argentinian signed the scorecard, officially acknowledging the correctness of the scores. Under the Rules of Golf, the higher score stands once it is signed by the player. The mistake cost DeVicenzo the first place tie-in with Bob Goalby, and the opportunity to compete in an 18-hole playoff. After the incident DeVicenzo was quoted saying, “What a stupid I am!” It became a famous line among golfers, and became a valuable lesson to be mindful of scoring and checking scorecards before signing them in approval.

Born Apr 14, 1923
Nationality Argentina Argentina

DeVicenzo was an ace golfer in the Senior PGA Tour, his three remarkable wins in the Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf and his amazing win at the inaugural U.S. Senior Open in 1980 made him a legend not only in scorecard issues but also in the sport itself. In addition to these accomplishments, he also won the 1974 PGA Seniors Championship, and he proudly represented his country, Argentina, for seventeen (17) times in the Canada Cup and in the World Cup. He eventually led Argentina to a victorious finish in 1953.

The World Golf Hall of Fame induction for this Argentinian athlete took place in 1989. At age 83 years old, DeVincenzo retired on November 12, 2006.

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