John Daly

Born Apr 28, 1966
Nationality United States United States

John Patrick Daly is a professional golfer who lives in Cordova, Tennessee, United States. He was born on April 28, 1966, and is popularly known for his “zero to hero” win during the PGA Championship in 1991. He is also known as “Long John” due to his driving distance that is off the tee. In addition, his appearance that is described as “non-country club” as well as his attitude and colorful personal life has given him a certain degree of notoriety.

Daly began playing golf when he was just around 5-6 years old. Golf became a primary fixture in his life as he continued to play the sport in high school and in college, where he became a Missouri state champion. He was even a member of the University of Arkansas golf team.

Daly turned pro in 1987 and by 1990 he won the Ben Hogan Utah Classic. It was in 1991 what he officially joined the PGA Tour, and subsequently won the PGA Championship during the said year. The win gave Daly a huge amount of media attention especially since he was the final alternate player for the Championship. He was entered into the competition after Nick Price did not participate, and nobody else was available for the game. His victory gained him the title of PGA Tour Rookie of the year. Significantly, since Jerry Pate won the 1976 U.S. Open, Daly was the first rookie to win a major title.

Throughout his years of playing golf, Daly has a total of 19 professional wins. Five of which were won on the PGA Tour, while the other fourteen were won on other tournaments. He also has two Major Championship titles under his belt. These titles include the 1991 PGA Championship and The Open in 1995.

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