Vicky Hurst has got it going: young, beautiful and a splendid athlete, this eighteen-year-old is expected to have a very bright future with the LPGA.

Hurst is a Melbourne, Florida native and is due to graduate from high school this year from the Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy. Her list of hobbies includes both sports and art, with sport on the heavy side as she deems playing basketball, going swimming, playing soiccer and running track the best way to spend her time. In quieter moments she occupies herself with drawing and sketching what’s on her mind.

Born 19 Jun 1990
Nationality United States United States

In 2007, Hurst won the FWSGA Girls Junior Championship, while back in 2006, she tied in second with another golfer at the very same competition. 2005 was a high achieving year for Hurst as she swept three firsts, winning the plum prize in the Lake Jovita Tournament, in the FSWGA Girls Junior and in the University Park FJT Event. The year prior, 2004, Hurst grabbed two firsts in the Girls’ 16-18 Division: one from the Orange County national FJT Event and one from the TwinEagles FJT Event. The same year, she celebrated one victory in the Girls’ 13-5 Division, winning the Ritz-Carlton FJT Event.

It’s not surprising, then, that Hurst has strings of sports accomplishments under her name. These includes being named the 2008 AJGA Rolex Player of the Year; being picked twice as the Rolex Junior First-Team All-American selection; being ranked No. 1 in the Polo Golf Rankings; being a U.S. Open qualifier and consequently advancing to the round of 16 at the U.S. Women’s Amateur; and gracing the cover of prestigious magazine, GolfWeek, prior to playing in top form at the 2008 Michelob Ultra Duramed FUTURES, wherein she took home $16,100 for her first place finish, and a sponsor’s exemption to compete in the 2008 LPGA state Farm Classic.

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    Noel Grady

    Vicki Congratulations on you win today. I have been a fan since your rookie year. I watch your play when its being covered by the golf channel. Good luck tomorrow - I think you have a great chance of winning. I have an adopted daughter from Korea and her daughter Christina (10 years old) could be a great golfer, if I could get her inspired, she has a great swing. Went to La Costa to watch you play. I'm a photographer and have photographed some great golfers.I'm trying to have one company ( I photograph for to connect with you. Again good luck tomorrow.