Katherine Hull is a statuesque Australian whose love of sports is utterly apparent. She stands 5 feet 10 inches tall. Her college degree is Sports Administration, a graduate of Pepperdine University in 2003. She qualified for the LPGA Tour on her very first attempt.

Katherine became interested in playing golf at 12 years old. Her parents, Frank and Pauline, fully supported her enthusiasm in the sport. Along with them, she considers family friends Chris and Laurie Gibbs as the reinforcing influence in her professional career as an international golf player.

Born 26 Feb 1982
Nationality Australia Australia

Aside from golf however, Hull keeps busy with her vocation as some kind of a missionary. She in fact traveled to Rwanda in October of 2007 for a mission trip with Betsy King and the organization, Golf Fore Africa. Hull finds studying the bible a pleasurable task, including maintaining her fitness, going to the movies, going on travel, listening to music, going fishing and more importantly, spending quality time with her family and catching up with her friends.

Katherine had an eventful career in golf, starting in year 1999 when she ranked 10th in the Junior World Golf Championship. By the year 2002, Katherine was part of the winning team at the World Amateur Team Championship, representing of course, her native homeland Australia. It was not a surprise then, that while studying at the university, Katherine won eight (8) collegiate tourneys, and was awarded the 2003 NCAA College Player of the Year. She also received the 2003 Dinah Shore Award.

A string of victories followed the statuesque Australian. Her recent wins in 2006 include victories in the Australian Ladies Professional Golfers Tour (ALPG). She ranked seventh in 2007 LPGA season.So far,s he has had 9 professional victories with 2 LPGA Tour titles, 5 ALPG Tour titles, and 2 Futures titles.

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