Michael Jancey “Briny” Baird is an American professional golfer who has participated in both Nationwide Tour and PGA Tour. He was born on May 11, 1972 in Miami Beach, Florida, United States, to professional golfer, Butch Baird. He started playing varsity golf when he was still in 7th grade while attending at Miami Country Day. He was attending Georgia Tech before he transferred to Valdosta State University and won the NCAA Division II individual golf championship back in 1994. His father, Butch Baird, won on the PGA Tour twice.

In 1995, Baird turned from amateur to pro. However, it was in 2000 that he won the Monterrey Open of the Buy.com Tour (now known as the Nationwide Tour) which was held on that year. He is now playing on the PGA Tour.

Born 11 May 1972
Nationality United States United States

Since joining the PGA Tour, Baird has participated in a number of events and has done well by most of them. However, in 2005, he lost his PGA Tour card when he experienced poor season.

Baird is known for his odd putting style which he originally used as a drill but it stuck as his professional playing style.

His record on the PGA Tour started in 2004, and he has played a total of 270 events since joining. On the Nationwide Tour, he has participated in 71 events. Among the events on the PGA Tour, he has finished Top 10 23 times, and 71 times on the Top 25. He has not yet finished in first place, but he has 3 finishes on 2nd place and 2 finishes on third place.

Over the course of his professional career, Baird has a single professional win, which was on the Nationwide Tour. So far, he has participated in three Major Championships, but has not yet won in any of the events he joined.

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