Martin Kaymer earns Wanamaker Trophy

Martin Kaymer joins the ranks of the elite and PGA tournament winners by bringing home the Wanamaker Trophy last August 16, 2010.martin kaymer

During the tournament, one memorable sight was when Dustin Johnson took one last look at his scorecard before using his eraser to clear out on his final hole. The 5 had ended up in a 7.

Johnson’s change took him out of the playoff which then allowed Kaymer to cruise over to the winners circle, defeating Bubba Watson on the process. This came out after just one tiny patch of sand that was located in the 18th, where Johnson placed his No 4 iron, fully unaware that the location was a sand trap.

The result of Johnson’s unaware state became a two-stroke penalty as a result for grounding his club in a bunker. The final hour then turned into controversial finish that will surely come out in numerous dates for the next few years.

As it is, this year’s golf season has been a strange one that was plagued with numerous unexpected twists ranging from Tiger Woods’ scandal to unlikely PGA tourney winners. Among all of the strange happenings, perhaps the incident at Sheboygan topped all of the events this year.

The victory was Kaymer’s first major in a championship tournament in PGA.

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