Tiger Woods 'the greatest'

Do I consider golf a sport? No. Do I consider golfers athletes? No.

I consider golf a TALENT, much like shooting pool or throwing darts. It’s really hard to do, but it’s not that athletically draining. Because if it were, John Daly would never be seen within 50 miles of a golf course. And he’s not the only one. There are other guys out there that look like they would be better suited sitting in a chair eating chicken wings and drinking beer, adding to their already bloated guts.

However, there is one guy that is simply the best - EVER - PERIOD. That’s right all you Jack Nicklaus fans. Tiger Woods won’t have to play until he is 90 years old like the Grey Bear did in order to accomplish his records. Consider this, when Nicklaus was 35 when he won his 13th major, Woods just did it at the age of 31. Nicklaus had played in 53 majors by the time he got his 13th, Woods has played in just 44.

Tiger Woods is one golfer I do have to appreciate as an athlete. His torso has a V-shape and he has been working so hard at his craft for so many years that the guy has earned everything he has received.

So don’t start into this “Nicklaus was the greatest because” garbage. The only reason anyone would consider him the greatest is because they are old, stuck in their ways and can’t understand the simple fact that sports evolve, they don

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