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Clark wins the TPC Sawgrass title

Tim Clark put an end to 204 of frustrating tournament results by finally winning an event on the PGA Tour.tim clark golf

Like most of the players, Clark was simply doing his best to make the most of The Players Championship last Sunday in what proves to be one of the most demanding conditions.

During the competition, Clark played the 26 final holes without hitting a bogey. He was then able to set a Stadium Course record for having the biggest 36-hole recovery, when he was able to get through the final hole, Clark no longer became the richest player who did not have a single PGA Tour victory.

Clark had this to say about his victory, “A part of me is a bit disappointed because now no one is going to talk about me anymore… At least you had something to write about before. Now I’m just another guy with a win.”

Clark was in danger of being overtaken by Robert Allenby, however Allenby failed to make a birdie on the 18th hole, and subsequently failed to shoot well enough to reach Clark.

“For it to go up to the hole and take a little look over the top and then come back, that was a bit rude…” Allenby said. He believes that the golfing gods must have been smiling on Clark that day, and he does accept Clarks victory in the competition.

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