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Tiger Woods is Back- Reclaiming the Price

After eight months of rest due to a reconstructive surgery on his left knee, Tiger Woods is finally backed for the 3rd tournament. He gained more strength and energy, ready to face new challenge. He gave his best to win Palmer’s invitation. Sean O’Hair has led him back for the final round on the PGA Tour. Despite from his experience he verbalized “It’s been a while, but God it feels good”.Woods>

For the 6th time at Bill Hay he grabbed the price during the World Golf Championships. From the succeeding tournament, it made the host wondered whether he will be going for the Masters in two weeks, from having crucial shots and deficits. With a birdie on the 72nd hole, he made it and won the 3rd time again at Bay Hill.

During the 66th victory, Woods won a very big cash price worth of millions of U.S dollars for his career. His only failure took place only during the PGA Tour event but eventually he recovered when Bill Hay took care of it.

It became a struggle for others on the first part but as for Woods, it just a matter of getting things done when you really put your heart to it.”

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