Women’s PGA Championship Prize Money Now at US$9 Million

Women’s PGA Championship Prize Money Now at US$9 Million Photo: TT

The organizers of the Womens PGA Championship have raised the total pot to US$9 million with the eventual winner taking home US$1.35 million. This is a 300% increase since the 2014 pot.

Jim Richerson, PGA of America President, said that it was part of a bid to “a desire to elevate women’s golf”.

“We really wanted to make sure we utilized this event to showcase the best women’s players in the game and do that with one of the biggest purses,” he said.

The prize money of the five womens majors now totals nearly $40 million up from just $13.75 in 2012.

“I sent an email out a little bit before the announcement to the players, and I haven’t had a chance to go through all of my emails, but I’ve looked at a few of them and they have been hysterical,” said Mollie Marcoux Samaan, LPGA commissioner.

“There have been some ‘holy you know what’ and ‘oh, my God’. And then someone else said that the news hit while the players were in dining, and all of a sudden they all scurried out to the range. That was the joke in dining.”

Defending champion Nelly Korda, English players Georgia Hall, Jodi Ewart, Bronte Law, Charley Hull, Charlotte Thomas, and Mel Reid will be playing. Other players include Northern Irish players Stephanie Meadow and Gemma Dryburgh.

Korda has just returned to the circuit at the US Open after she took time off to recover from a blood clot.

The 23-year-old had been diagnosed with a clot in her left arm. She had it removed by surgery in April. Speaking of the time off she took after surgery, she said, “That was the longest time I think I’ve ever gone without hitting a golf ball.

“Since I started hitting, it’s just been kind of full throttle, and I have been practicing pretty much.

“I have not taken more than two or three days off since then. I’m just happy to be out here playing competitive golf.”

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