Trump Golf Course Loses Major Hosting Rights

Trump Golf Course Loses Major Hosting Rights Photo: TT
Trump Golf Course Loses Major Hosting Rrights

A golf course owned by President Donald Trump in Bedminster, New Jersey, has been stripped of hosting rights for the 2022 US PGA Championship, one of golfs four major championships.

The decision was taken by the PGA (Professional Golf Association) of America on Sunday, saying that allowing the course to stage the event was detrimental to the long-term interests of the sport.

It is the latest action in the continuing backlash against the current President, who leaves office next week, after the events of last week which saw an armed mob storm the Capitol Building in Washington DC. Trump is accused of inciting them with comments he hade in an address to his supporters beforehand in which he repeated h[s allegations that the 2020 Presidential election had been stolen from them, despite numerous subsequent lawsuits failing to uncover any evidence for this.

In the wake of the incident, Democrats have begun action to have him replaced by Vice-President Mike pence for what remains of his term in office, whilst a separate impeachment process, aimed at stopping him running for public office ever again, will also be launched.

A big golf fan and player, Trump has already announced that, in a break with tradition, he will not attend the inauguration of his successor, Joe Biden, on January 11th.

He was planning on play gold on that day instead at the course he owns in Turnberry in Scotland, but the First Minister there, Nicola Sturgeon, has put a stop to those plans. She has told him he will not be able to enter the country because of anti-Covid travel restrictions.

Instead, he may choose to play at one of the 16 others courses that he owns around the world.

Trump bought Turnberry in 2014, and, since he has owned it, the course has not staged the British Open once, the oldest of all golfs major championships.

It had staged the event four times before it came into his ownership.

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