Future of cricket is in Sri Lanka

Future of cricket is in Sri Lanka

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Mwega Kenya Profile image 100x100
# 1

Sri Lankan cricket team is very promising. Their potential to set new heights in this field cannot be undermined.

ellapranze Philippines Ellapranze
# 2

I do agree. But they need to invest to their team exposure and experience. They are having difficulties adjusting to other teams' gameplay.

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surjboy Nigeria Surjboy
# 3

I think they are very good looking at the world trophies they won but seriously they are relaxing. They need to be abit flexible to other peoples game. Exposure and experience

sunshine Nigeria Sunshine
# 4

Truthfully, the future is really bright for cricket players or game in Sri Lanka. They are good players that will surely help in boosting the performance of the game in future.

Kinh Nigeria Kinh
# 5

Well stated by you, going by their past records we can't fault them they have been good and I'm seeing them even doing better in the future. The future is all theirs

Patricia Patricia
# 6

Sri Lanka as a team cannot be undermined. I believe in the near future they will be the best.

Oliver T Oliver t
# 7

I can't agree more with you on this. Few teams have exhibited the kind of potential that Sri Lanka has.

Daphne Daphne
# 8

You have echoed my thoughts precisely. Sri Lanka in my view is one of the most underrated teams out there.

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