what makes them so good?

what makes them so good?

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Touchdown United States Touchdown
# 1

i would appreciate if someone could tell me why the celtics have been so dominant in the nba over the years?

Lord Dunk United States Lord dunk
# 2

always a smart, reliable, and convincing coach in combo with the best player material. this is what paves the way for the Celtics success.

mr Sporter England Mr sporter
# 3

Luck of the Irish...?

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KCchiefsFan United States Profile image 100x100
# 4

Because they are good, period. Right players, good coach, great plays, and supportive fans is on their menu. Well, truth is, they are doing the best they could and that is what we see. But not good enough to win the championship again. I just hope they would win that prestigious championship again.

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